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A view from the mango tree – Of stars, cars and scars

The shrill of cicaders in the musasa trees created a noisy environment that made the conversations hardly audible at the Lundi Christian High School grounds.

To a nature enthusiast the cicaders shrills produced a soothing rhythmic tune. It was the day for the Speech and Prize giving Ceremony. Cars in their varied sizes and makes manouvered to the venue leaving me wondering if there were some accolades for the most beautiful make and most clean vehicle. Even the oldest of vehicles at the venue, a Mazda B2200 with its rusty underneath and cringing sounds as it set motion had a polished exterior which shone in the sunlight rays in a deceptive way. You would think it was three years old. The vehicle registration number sold it out however-AAZ 2345. Behind the wheels of these beautiful automobiles were jovial parents elated by the success of their students-academic stars who the school had deemed fit to honour at this august event. Even those whose children were not on the prizes’ recipients list for the day could be seen making periodic smiles glad that their children were at least one of the best learning centre in Mwenezi and on the national grid. Deep down with the hopes that one day they will also celebrate their children’s success. Not to mention the different pieces of clothes on the parents-the fashion could easily pass for an international fashion festival. That aside, it is the wish of every parent, funds permitting to have a child at either Lundi Christian High, Mwenezi Government High, Hebron High School, Riverton Academy, Pamushana, Gokomere or any other good school which produces-STARS. Although some may overlook some schools there are some rising to the occasion. These include Masogwe Secondary School located about 9km from the Masvingo-Beitbridge Highway, a school built by the Baptist Church under the stewardship of Mr and Mrs Chigohi. May Pastor Chigohi’s soul rest in eternal peace. Wakanaka haararami shuwa! A true philanthropist whose works are still being continued by his wife. Soldier on Mai Chigohi!

I bet  Masogwe is one of those schools which has a team of dedicated educators who have managed to stamp their authority in the district in spite of the economic doldrums haunting the nation that has demotivated this sector of the civil service. Qouting from the Mwenezi North legislator and former head educationist Hon Master Makope’a speech at Lundi, ‘ Teachers have demonstrated a spirit of workmanship that is unparalled in the face of working conditions which have not been to the best of their expectations…’

The 2nd Republic I pray,  addresses the concern of our dear educators. Their plight is of concern and government should avail more empowerment strategies to help teachers extricate themselves from the net of the economic hurdles haunting the nation. It is on a high note that it is clear that government is doing literally everything to help them but the efforts have not been enough to heal their scars.

The scorching heat in the hall could not hinder the parents to show their delight. They paid attention to every bit and piece of the speeches. Even when the junior Member of Parliament for Mwenezi North gave his speech in sync with this year’s edition theme, ‘Drug abuse-The Menace to our youth,’ the parents gave him a standing ovation. He is a talented young man full of political potential. Just watch the space. Even when the Guest of Honour delivered the master speech everyone was very emotional as he narrated how drugs have stolen the future of the bright young girls and boys. Like a father figure he is, Honourable Makope lamented the contribution of the elderly in the distribution of drugs which are taking many forms with new inventions each day. Its so sad!!!

A week later i had the priviledge to be at another Speech and Prize Giving Ceremony, this time at Mwenezi Government High School. The atmosphere was the same with that at Lundi but the drum majorettes team added the flair. Parents would occasionally run to the open space to celebrate with their kids. The deejaying spiced it all and made the day very memorable.

The guest of honour was Howard Hunter from the Bubi Valley Conservacy who was in the company of the team he works with. Bubi Valley Conservacy has been ploughing back to the community as per government policy that all organizations operating in communities should develop the areas they operate. In his speech Mr Hunter outlined that they have been offering scholarships to students at various  schools in Zimbabwe. He mentioned some of the schools which include Mwenezi Government High School and Riverton Academy just to mention a few. The BVC is also credited for bankrolling the construction of toilets at the school.

It was quite a moment at one of the most finest secondary schools in the district as students, the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff received prices for their hard work. This is quite a motivational exercise that every school should take a leaf out of for academic excellence. The jubilation and elation from the parents told a lot of stories. Happy moments and wishes for the best for the young talented kids. The Hon Member of Parliament was honoured with presenting gifts to the staff. It was quite an honour to be at the school he once taught with his former fellow workmates. Bravo to the head Mr Chuma and his team. Keep up the standard.

This year’s edition of the elections is different. People have failed to move on after the elections. The scars are taking time to heal with even the new Parliament building being turned into a circus. The MP’s turning into clowns and breaking into song and dance in the August House forcing the Speaker of the House to suspend them from Parliament. Then follows the recall of CCC MPs by Tshabangu. Its all about the scars of the election not healing fast. The political field is a bit tense and at boiling point with both major players trying to outclass each other. Anyway, may the scars heal.

Of cars, flamboyant Johanne Masowe EChishanu congregant gave  our two cars to Masomere, the ZANU PF DJ and musician Chief Hwenje. The pair were blessed with GD6 vehicles not to mention other benefits. He honoured them for standing firm for the party. ZIYA Cultural Arts trio of Chairman, Sabhuku Vharazipi and Mai John were also blessed with $10000 each. It can buy each a car. That is life. Let the scars heal so everyone can shine like stars like in 2009 so many can buy cars. Hapana asingadi mota amana!

Chana CheMasvingo



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