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A view from the mango tree-Of laws, lows and glows

The year has been marred by very disturbing political circumstances owing to knowledge and ignorance of the law. The current lows are a result of the law. This has seen the emergence of individuals like Tshabangu who has capitalized on the issue of lack of a constitutional formation on the part of the Citizens Movement. It has been a mammoth task to circumvent Tshabangu because of lack of legal tools to discredit him. This topsy -turvy is a result of the failure by the Citizens leader Nelson to stick to the Gweru Declaration which was n adhererence to a legal document guiding the opposition party’s operations. The Tshabangu modus operandi according to critics is ZANU PF way of destroying the CCC. This maybe an attempt fo find some scapegoats for a failed approach to modern politicking. However, all this has ripped the political arena making it a political circus with Tshabangu and the CCC being the main stage clowns in all these undramatic happenings. It’s quiet a pity this has resulted in the need for by-elections, a move that will burden the already empty national coffers. The issue of the law is of concern. There has been widespread outcry on the issue of the law as Henrietta Rushwaya the Minerals Company Boss was set free on the allegations of trying to smuggle 3kgs of gold. To the man on the street not knowledgeable in the law the same could have been done for the two artisanal miners caught with alluvial gold who were sentenced to not less than three years. It’s the law gentlemen and ladies let’s not stoop so low and politicise everything.

The law has seen the continued incarceration of Wiwa from prison for obstructing investigations on the death of his client Moreblessing Ali who was murdered in a gruesome way for suspected political reasons. Wananchi has mixed feelings over the release of this controversial politician. What is his stance with regards to the CCC especially with news making the rounds that he felt the citizens movement has neglected him. Is he going to continue the ‘struggle’ under the CCC banner or he is going to go solo just like before the onset of the Alliance proposition the day he will be set free? Mai Titi the socialite was also let loose and exonerated of all the charges levelled against her of theft. It was quite a relief for the socialite. It is the law that extricated her from the low life the law had relegated her to.

The gods might be crazy I bet. Why in the world would they just ignore as the majority of the citizenry plunges into another 2008 economic position. Even the Kariba water levels have remained low due to erratic rain hence making a strain on electricity generation. There have been numerous blackout s that have further crippled the business sector. Even Tinashe Mutarisi the Nash Paints guy had to retrench owing to these power outages not to mention the meat and other perishables that rot this week here in Neshuro. Everything is low as everyone hopes for the best. Even deep down the people are lowly spirited as they watch the crops they planted early whither in the scorching sun. They are waiting for the rain.

Masvingo Arts Industry has been on the lows as death robbed from them three artists, Garry Mapanzure, Gail and Vimbainashe Viashe Mativenga . It has been quiet a red letter last quarter of the year. May the departed souls of these artists rest in peace. But someone once said, ‘Writers dont die, they live on with their works.’

Clipsham Hotel had its glows on the 24th last Friday as Masvingo Achievement Awards nominees converged for this prestigious event. Yours truly grabbed an award for outstanding male writer in absentia. My brother Mazen’e congratulated me and encouraged me to keep my head up. I also thank my readership on this column for the constructive comments. May your days glow like the days of Gernacho with his superb clinical finish against Everton. Although his team has been booted out of the champions league everyone is talking about the superb goal. Don’t worry about the lows its the laws of life, it has its ups and downs. See ya!!!

By Chana CheMasvingo the Wordsmith
Johannes Mike Mupisa

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