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55 liquor outlets operating without licences

-council issues 2-week ultimatum

Martin Muleya

City of Mutare acting Town Clerk, Blessing Chafesuka has said there are 55 liquor outlets operating without valid papers and they have been given 14 to close shop or put their houses in order.

Out of the 55 outlets, Chafesuka said 24 of them have fake receipts while 19 have unstamped licenses, leaving an unanswered big question on how they obtained the papers.

He said after the 14 day ultimatum council will approach the courts to start closing the outlets and where possible demolish illegal structures in line with President Mnangagwa’s call for order in the urban settlements.  

Chafesuka saidCouncil conducted an audit exercise which revealed the following:

-54 beer halls and bottle stores are operating with valid licenses.

-19 beer halls and bottle stores have unstamped licenses

-55 beerhalls and bottle stores are operating without licenses.

-24 beerhalls and bottle stores have licenses with fictitious receipt numbers

In a press statement released last Friday the local authority gave all operators of other 98 beer outlets a two week ultimatum to regularise their operations failure of which, council will take the legal route.

“Pursuant to the President’s call to action which specifically called for the need for compliance with council by laws, the City of Mutare has begun clamping down on illegal beer outlets including unlicensed nightclubs, beer halls, and bottle stores. The scope of the operation also extends to shebeens/illicit beer outlets

“Therefore, all operators with irregular licenses are being called upon to approach Council for verification.

“To that effect, City of Mutare is issuing a 14-day ultimatum (from 24 June 2024 to 5 July 2024) for all operators with irregular licenses to approach Council’s Audit Section at Civic Centre for verification. On the same note, we strongly urge all unlicensed operators to obtain the necessary licenses. The operation of shebeens or illicit beer-selling points should stop forthwith,” read the statement.

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