22 out of 97 benefit from Gvt food handouts

Midweek Watch Reporter

 Only 22 villagers received Government food aid at Nemamwa Growth Point from 97 who are extremely food insecure under Village Head Mushaviri following the El Nino induced drought.

The distribution was done at the Growth Point last week by the Department of Social Welfare using a list that was allegedly supplied by the Village Head’s secretary identified as Mai Ben.

The 75 villagers who failed to get the sorghum were fuming accusing the local leadership of corruption in the allocation of the food aid.

The secretary is accused of having distributed food aid among her 22 close associates who ended up getting 6 Bags per person leaving out 75 others with nothing.

The distribution of the food aid is said to be shrouded in secrecy and some villagers only get to know about the scheme after the food has been handed out.

When contacted for a comment Mai Ben confirmed to The Midweek Watch that sorghum was indeed distributed but only 22 villagers got it because that is what the Department of Social Welfare had brought for the Growth Point.

“My duty was to compile names of food insecure families and priority is given to the disabled and elderly people in the allocation of food aid from Government.

“After I compiled the names I handed them over to Social Welfare offices, so, they are the ones who know why they only gave 22 households instead of 97 that I gave them.

“I was not even involved in calling out beneficiaries during the distribution exercise. There were two trucks one for the Growth Point and the other one went to the Chief’s homestead under the Zunde Ramambo Scheme,” said Mai Ben.

A Department of Social worker who is not authorized to speak to the media told this publication that they obtained the grain from Mwenezi GMB Depot and it was not enough for everyone.

He said as soon as they get another allocation they distribute to those food insecure villagers as the drought affected all the people across the board.

The villagers are getting 7.5kg per head from Government depending with the availability of the food.

The Government is also in the process of doing cash transfers to urban poor who are food insecure.

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