2 Mwenezi boys electrocuted

-as they were swinging with live power cables


MWENEZI- Welcome Sihuma (12) from Mwenezi died on the spot and his friend is battling for life after being electrocuted while playing with a live ZESA cable which they found protruding from a pole.

The other boy who was seriously injured in the accident is battling for his life at Neshuro Hospital.  

Welcome Sihuma (12) and his friend were electrocuted by an exposed Zesa power cable which had fallen on the ground from a pole on 31 March, The Midweek Watch was informed.

The incident was confirmed by Masvingo ZRP spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa.

Inspector Dhewa said the two boys were heading cattle on that fateful day when they came across an 11Kv Zesa power cable lying on the ground.

The boys decided to play with the cable by swinging on it, at that moment Welcome Sihuma put his friend on his shoulders so that he would reach the cable which was 2,2m form the ground.

Inspector Dhewa said that upon contact with the cable, he was electrocuted, thrown to the ground and suffered some serious burns all over his body.

Welcome Sihuma who was in contact with the ground was also electrocuted, collapsed and died on the spot.

The friend was rushed home and later on transferred to Neshuro District Hospital.

The Midweek Watch has since confirmed that Welcome Sihuma’s the next of kin were informed and was laid to rest at the family homestead.

“As police we urge the public to treat all electric cables as live and should avoid getting into contact with electric cables.

“We also urge the public to advise and report such cases where they find exposed cables to Zesa,” said Inspector Dhewa.

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