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2 brothers kill uncle for refusing to give them beer money


MASVINGO – Police in Chivi have arrested two brothers on allegations of beating their uncle to death after he refused to give them money for a beer binge.

Masvingo police acting spokesperson Lorine Chanakira-Ndlovu confirmed the sad news to The Midweek Watch.

Ndlovu said, Simon Masunda (73) of Chinodya Village in Headman Musvuugwa area under Chief Chivi was beaten by Rabson (21) and Takunda Chivasa (20) on 8 November 2023.

It is further alleged that Masunda, who was coming from a beer-drinking spree in the village was found sleeping on the footpath near his homestead. Whilst he was trying to get himself to his home, his two nephews followed him closely from a distance.

Upon arriving home, the two woke him up and started asking for money and he told them that he had no money.

In frustration, the two started beating their uncle with open hands all over his body. Rabson then took Masunda’s walking stick and hit him twice on his back.

They left him lying on the ground and after a while Masunda woke up and went to his homestead.

On the 12th of November at around 1345hrs Masunda went on to report the assault at Chivi police station where he was given a letter for him to get treatment at the hospital.

Masunda was attended at Chivi District Hospital and the police visited the scene but they could not locate the two accused persons because they had already gone to Zvishavane.

The police later received a report that Masunda had died at his homestead on 18 November, 2023 at around 8am and attended the scene of the sudden death and took in the two suspects.

The deceased’s body is still at Chivi District Hospital awaiting postmortem to determine the cause of death.

Ndlovu urged the community to stop resorting to violence to preserve the sanctity of life.

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