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2 amnesty beneficiaries up for murder


GOKWE – Two inmates who were recently pardoned from Gokwe prison have been re-arrested on charges of murder.

Evans Mupamhanga (25) and Elvis Mupamhanga (21), both from the Chemagora area in Gokwe South, are accused of brutally attacking and killing their uncle, Kiddny Mpamhanga, using a log and stones.

The two were released from Gokwe Prison under the Presidential amnesty on April 17 this year, as the country battles to decongest the prisons.

The duo allegedly accused their uncle (now deceased) for reporting them to the police for stealing a firearm.

Midlands Province police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko told The Midweek Watch that the incident that occurred on April 23, 2024 at around 7pm.

Inspector Mahoko further revealed that the two suspects are currently under heavy guard at Gokwe South District Hospital.

They were reportedly attacked by an unidentified gang armed with axes, machetes, and knobkerries while they were attempting to report the heinous murder to their uncle, Job Mpamhanga, in Gokwe town.

According to Inspector Mahoko, the events leading up to the tragic incident unfolded when Evans and Elvis visited Forever Sikochi’s homestead, the younger brother to the deceased.

A dispute ensued between the parties over the filling of a Jojo water tank, escalating into a heated argument.

“The suspects force-marched Forever Sikochi towards Kwekwe-Gokwe road threatening to kill him,” added Mahoko.

During their encounter, they came across Kiddny, who was returning from Kadoma, he said.

The suspects confronted Kiddny, accusing him of reporting “a case of firearm theft against them”.

Subsequently, they coerced both Kiddny and Forever to accompany them back home.

At around 7 p.m., inside their residence, Evans instructed Elvis to bring an axe so that they could strike Kiddny to death.

Upon hearing this, Forever fled the scene, leaving Kiddny defenseless in the hands of the suspects.

The police heard that the “suspects took turns to strike Kiddny  with a log and stones several times on the head until he died” in the full view of their father Kennedy Mpamhanga.

Inspector Mahoko added that the police are currently searching for the 10-man gang who attacked the suspects, as they are now on the run.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased is being held at Gokwe South District Hospital pending post-mortem.

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