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13 Stars FC, Mbesa FC match abandoned


MIDLANDS – The match between 13 Stars FC and Mbesa FC has entered into the history books as it is the first match ZIFA Midlands Province Division 2A league to be abandoned after fans trouble.

13 Stars were awarded a penalty in the 76th minute but prior to the penalty the Assistant Referee is said to have flagged to indicate the ball had gone out of play.

A message from a Mbesa official read “The assistant referee flagged for our ball, the referee ignored her, the ball was brought back into play and the referee charged for a penalty

“During celebration time, 13 Stars supporters stormed the pitch and some attacked our players and one sustained serious injuries on the leg.

“We asked the referees kuti todii since we had exhausted our subs, they couldn’t give us a clear answer after some minutes ma referees went to into the changing rooms, we followed suit,” it read.

More details to follow on the story….

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