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100 Aquas for Zanu PF youths, as Chivayo ups the car giving game

Ex-Chikurubi inmate, Wicknell Chivayo says he has set aside US$850 000 to acquire 100 Toyota Aqua vehicles which he said he will distribute to ZANU PF youths across the country’s 10 provinces.

Chivayo said the cars will be distributed randomly to ZANU PF youths who campaigned hard for ZANU PF to secure victory in the 2023 harmonised elections.

     The ZANU PF apologist, who has been dishing out cars to selected musicians and actors, said he will not stop, and wished that at least 10 local businesspeople emulated his “generosity”.

Commenting on a video clip by comedian King Kandoro (real name Mukudzei Kandoro Majoni), who appeared to mock him and ZANU PF for the extravagance, Chivayo said the ruling party deserves respect.

 He said:     As much as I sometimes find this boy funny, I certainly dislike his unjustified criticism of my beloved party ZANU PF, all in the name of humour and satire.

The revolutionary party ushered us the independence which we celebrate and enjoy to this very day and therefore equally deserves some measure of respect.      The sad news for him is I’m not stopping sorry to say! There are so many rich people out there who barely share their wealth with anyone.

Imagine if we had just 10 generous business tycoons like me in Zimbabwe, we would live in a better place.

Exceptional and committed philanthropists like myself should never be the subject of such petty humour for comic mileage!

It takes a lot of love and faith to be able to bless a whole lot of people that you don’t know, you’ve never even met and are not related to.

The wiser thing to do is shower more praises and keep encouraging them to soldier on to try to enable more people to benefit.

Chivayo then announced his plans to acquire a fleet of Toyota Aquas that he will distribute to ZANU PF youths. He said:

On that note, after watching this video I have decided to spare yet another 850 thousand dollars from my small savings to buy Toyota Aquas next week.

These vehicles will be randomly distributed equally across the country’s 10 Provinces, starting with Mashonaland East, kumusha kwangu to the deserving youths who were outstanding and worked tirelessly during the Election period.

I will first of all seek the requisite permission from the party leadership, then liaise with the Minister of each Province and Provincial chairmen to ensure that appropriate and deserving beneficiaries receive their recognition.

If I had enough money I would buy every ZANU PF member and Johanne Masowe follower a car but I’m only a big-hearted businessman who has so much love but is still struggling to make ends meet.

I appreciate the mostly good feedback and gratefulness, but to those few who still hate being patient, I have more in store for you.

Chivayo had another dig at King Kandoro, likening him to what he referred to as failed opposition political outfits.

He also dismissed suggestions that he aspires to a top position in ZANU PF.

 Chivayo has lately been described in some quarters as the “Vice President At Large” after he appeared alongside President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State events. Said Chivayo:

I am fully aware of how similar-minded comedians have masked their sarcasm and ridicule through humour, following the shallow footsteps of failed opposition political outfits.

I have consistently been the subject of political caricature by some cartoonists out of desperation for online relevance.

No amount of opposition-supported propaganda insinuating that “I am the VP at Large” or that “I hold political ambition” will change my loyalty to ZANU PF.

I will forever remain a card-carrying member of the Revolutionary Party and will always wholeheartedly vote for ZANU PF in every election as this is my constitutional right to do so!

In the meantime, I will never slow down on my opulent lifestyle so please allow me to be serenaded by the endless luxury of flying first class on a brief vacation to London.

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